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"Custom Pins And Buckles’ main goal is to provide the highest quality of products to its customers and backed with a lifetime warranty."

Our 3 objectives are:

1) Best Customer Service
2) The Highest Quality Items
3) The Lowest Prices

And in that Order: We care about you first. 


In 1987 Correctional Officer Paul Nigh started his career at the newly opened Kings County State Prison that was almost immediately renamed Avenal State Prison (ASP)

In 1989 the prison conducted a talent search for an employee to design the official belt buckle for the institution. Missing the deadline to enter into the contest, Paul decided one day to pass his ASP design around the institution to see if there would be any interest in it. It was nothing more that a hand written design. To Paul's surprise there were 40 officers that day that wanted to purchase his ASP buckle. 12 weeks later when the order came in, Paul took them to work as Building 430 Floor Officer and located 12 officer's in the Snack Bar that had placed an order with him. By the end of his shift that day he had over 90 more orders placed. Paul's design was a simple one of an oval buckle with a rope like trim with a circle in the middle that housed a three-quarter sized replica of the Officer's Badge with their Badge Number and draped on both the right and left sides were the California Republic Flag and the United States Flag, which is still being used to this day.

What had set Paul's buckles apart from all other company's was, that each buckle was personalized with that officer's individual badge number for no extra charge. A treatment to excellence that we still follow today and will forever. It was also possible to have personal engraving on the buckles back as well. That same year ASP was the first to commission Paul to create a Lapel Pin for the ASP Honor Guard. CDC Buckles was Born.

Within no time CDC BUCKLES had produced over 350 belt buckles for ASP to staff including Sergeants, Lieutenants, up in rank to the Warden. With a risk of upsetting supervisors that had already purchased a CDC BUCKLE, Paul decided to create a buckle that supported a rank ribbon. The idea was highly embraced and even the employees that had bought the officer's version quickly rushed to be first in line for the Supervisory Buckle as it supported their Badge Number AND a Rank Ribbon with their rank. In record time CDC BUCKLES sold 300 more buckles.

Around the same time that ASP was being casted, so was a buckle for the Kern County Sheriff's Department. This buckle also took off in sales. Over the next few years Paul would run the business by "word of mouth." As new institutions would open, so would a new buckle for them by CDC BUCKLES. By this time the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Kern County Fire Department (KCFD) had come on line with their own buckles.

In 1993 CDC BUCKLES was given its first Commissioned Buckle job to create and sell a design for the Official 1993 10th Anniversary, California Department of Correction's Annual Summer Olympic Games. By then all Buckles created by  CDC BUCKLE were either Warden Approved or Official Wear by most all of the department's Institutions.

In 1997 CDC BUCKLES started an advertising campaign by placing full page color ads in the California Correctional Peace Officer's Association's (CCPOA) magazine entitled "THE PEACE KEEPER." Later that same month an ad was printed for the first time in the California Highway Patrolman, a magazine put out by the California Highway Patrol. All ads were full page color ads. A very rare risk that paid out greatly. Only CDC Buckles and one Attorney had Full Page Ads in the Peace Keeper. Sometimes we even put the ad on the back cover of the magazine.  

In 1998 CDC BUCKLES introduced CDC/CHP Custom Watches into the inventory.

In 1999 CDC BUCKLES introduced CDC Greeting Cards to our inventory. Many of those CDC Greeting Cards are still available for sale on our site today. 80% of the humor will be understood by Correctional Staff ONLY. LOL 

CDC BUCKLES continued to rise to the top of its field and quickly became known as California's Number 1 Belt Buckle Company. By the year 2000 Paul's CDC BUCKLES release the very collectible YEAR 2000 PEACE OFFICER MILLENNIUM BUCKLE. Later that year the California Department of Correction's Transportation buckle was released. Since then we have made several buckle designs for CDC & CDCR Transportation Units. 

From 2001 to 2011 CDC Buckles still maintained the companies "Life-Time Warranty." In 2005 we re-casted the California Department of Correction's Transportation Belt Buckle in a smaller size.

In 2001 Paul retired as a Life Member of the Kern County Sheriff's Department after a 14 year run at the rank of Reserve Sergeant. 

In 2005 Paul commissioned a replica of the DeLorean Time Machine as seen in the movie Back to the Future and used it for Children's Charity all over California. 

In 2008 Paul joined The Fireball Run, www.FireballRun.com, to aid in the Search of America's Missing Children. (More covered below)

In December of 2010 Paul, now called by most people "Doc", retired from CDCR at Wasco State Prison - Reception Center currently assigned the last 3 years in Bakersfield California as the Mercy Hospital's Prison Wing Sergeant on the 5th Floor. 

By 2011, "CDC BUCKLES" needed to change with the times with a NEW name, an improved website, and a bigger vision. No longer satisfying just the California Department of Corrections we are working with Law Enforcement Agencies across California. And by 2005 the California Department of Corrections (CDC) had now added the word "Rehabilitation" to their name (CDCR). So CDC Buckles was "Out-of-Date" to the times. 

"CDC BUCKLES" was renamed "CUSTOM PINS AND BUCKLES," providing you with the same high quality products and 100% product guarantee. And although Paul is still the original owner of the businesses, he has taken on the expert abilities and partnership of Peter Corel who is the companies Chief Web Master, IT Guy, and Design Artist, and Reba Parkinson how is the CFO Chief Financial Officer. Paul is now the CEO and Founder of Custom Pins and Buckles.

In 2013 Paul (Doc) married is long time co-pilot, love of his life, and later CFO of his company, Reba Parkinson. He asked Reba to marry him on the show during the "All Stars and Movie Cars" Season 7, Episode 10, which can be view on Amazon Prime for FREE. 

In 2014, Custom Pins and Buckles added 49 more states including Cooperate and Private America to our line on Clients and Customers. We started creating hundreds of customized items from shirts to glassware and buckles to challenge coins and everything in between.

In 2014 we were also the first to provide customers and client with a "NO FEAR" Guarantee that made it possible for ANY department, agency, family, club, group, organization, church, etc., to be able to order items for themselves without ever spending a dime and still get a "BONUS CHECK" from us in return.

In 2017 Custom Pins and Buckle supplied The California Correctional Peace Officers Organization with most all of the items that were in the attendees Registration Bags to that year's Conference in Reno NV., and set the standard for product quality like never seen in the past. Best Prices, Customized Boxes, And the Industries Highest Standard Products. We believe that is why the 2017 Conference, which was suppose to only have around 700 attendee, went on to be the Union's Largest Conference to date boosting over 2,100 attendees. This number was a announced on Sunday Night during the Final Dinner. This over powered their previously High Record Breaking Year for the 60th Anniversary in 2016.  We'd like to think we helped in someway. LOL.

In 2017 Custom Pins and Buckles became an Official Sponsor to the AMAZON Original Series, the "FIREBALL RUN." And continues as a Sponsor to date. The only "Filmed in Real Time Series" that acts like Trivial Pursuit for adults with a touch of The Amazing Race meets motorsport on steroids, that actively searches for America's Missing Children and boosts in aiding the recovery and return of 51 of America's mission kids, make the "Fireball Run" America's largest active child recovery program. 

In 2017 Paul as Doc, along with his "DeLorean Time Machine" was feature on Page 8 of Ripley's "Believe it or Not" book for his work with the Fireball Run and locating missing children. 

In 2017 "Doc" celebrated his 10th Year on the Amazon Series.

In 2017 Custom Pins and Buckles released a line of Generic to CDC and CDCR items for sale. Having always done only commissioned work, we know had an inventory of items you could by on the spot and online immediately. May of the items became part of a Themed Series of Lapel Pins and Challenge Coins. 

In 2017 we added www.Showcase.CustomPinsAndBuckles.com for people to see more of what we can do.

In 2018 Custom Pins and Buckles added new generic items to the mix and continued adding to the "Themed Items" with Next Series items. It is our intention to continue the practice. Look for your departments "Transportation Vehicles" and "Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins" and so much more as we continue to change them each year. Think Hallmark Series Ornaments. 

In the future "Custom Pins and Buckles" will continue to provide our clients and customers with the industries highest standards and lowest prices. However, we will never be able to show off all that we do. Not as long as the inventive mind can come up with new ideas all of the time. So until next years update, we will continue to re-design offer the best we can in staff motivational items. 


Paul served 14 years in the Kern County Sheriff's Department where he was a Deputy his first year, Senior Deputy his second year, and Sergeant the remaining 12 years. Paul also served in the California Department of Corrections for 24 years as an officer his first 10 years and Sergeant the remaining 14 years. This gives Paul a collective of 38 years in Law Enforcement. So Paul understand the needs of all cops. Today we just all call him "DOC." Doc's #1 Joke that he tells friends is that when he was still working and someone would recognized him, he said that wasn't usually a good thing  his replay would be, "So, did I arrest you when you broke the law and took you to jail, or did I babysit you when you finally made it to prison?" To date we are pretty sure that he never really said that to anyone. But it's still a great story anyway. 

Although Paul still oversees all major decisions in the company, he spends much of is time showing the DeLorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future all over the United States performing over 100 shows a year, mostly for charities.

Paul's team of experts will oversee your order from the very beginning to the very end and make sure that you are 100% satisfied or your money back. Paul will step in form time to time to design special buckles, pins, and watches, for his customers. Along with Peter's ability to design Websites and manage a web based presence, this makes Custom Pins and Buckles a company to be reconed with. Together our team of professionals can reach a much larger community with a much greater product line to offer our customers. Paul never misses seeing his friends at the yearly CCPOA Conferences that rotate each year between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.