You will receive this "Classic 1999" set on 12 CDC Greeting Card with humor that only a Correctional Staff member could appreciate. The card "BUSTED" was based on the actual events of a black out at one of the prisons at 10:04pm causing all remaining 3rd Watch Staff to remain throughout the First Watch Shift. During that night around 6 staff were "BUSTED" by the roving Warden, Captain, and Sergeant. The Card "OVERTIME" is a classic of when Overtime Dries Up. You will enjoy the rest of the cards as they all cover topics that you will be able to relate to. After a day of walking in your shoes, you need a moment to be light hearted and be able to laugh at the satire of these 12 cards, because tomorrow you will return to the "Toughest Beat in the State."

Included are Happy Birthday, Christmas, Get Well, and others. Buy more than one set as these are a single limited run that were in prefect storage since 1999 and are in excellent condition with not tears, bends, spotting, at all. The paper stock is that of the traditional store bought card with raised printing. Great care was made by the two CDC Sergeants that made these cards possible.

Acknowledgements: Artwork and Comedic tone by then Sgt. K. Prior. Shading and development by Retired Sgt. P. Nigh. Prior and Nigh Production's "Correctional Contraband's" Prior Offenses "Cards with Attitudes"

SPECIAL NOTE: "Be one of the first 300 orders and receive a 13th card. Originally the printer was given completed files to print but was still able to misspell one work on card # A-99001. The work "BEHAVIOR" was misspelled as "BEHAVOR." We will add the 13th card free of charge as an "ERROR CARD" for those of you that collect, you will understand the significance of this. We recently did a Car Emblem for the Jurassic Park Motor Pool and the first run had the wrong color in the background. The emblem sold for $24.95 while the "ERROR EMBLEM" sold out at $49.95. You'll be getting the ERROR CARD for FREE.

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California Department of Correction's Greeting Cards - FULL SET

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