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Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation
California Department of Corrections


Make this buckle truly yours

This buckle features the California State Prison's Oval Design with Badge. You can add your rank, badge number and department to make this buckle unique to you.

 Personalize the following:

  • Outer Nickel Ring: Personalize the ring around the badge with what ever you want. 70 Characters MAX
  • Inner Badge Ring: Select between "California Department of Corrections" or "Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation"
  • Badge Number: Personalize your badge number. 6 Characters MAX
  • Rank Ribbon: Personalize the buckle with your Rank. 15 Characters MAX

IMPORTANT: The production time for this buckle is 8 to 10 weeks.

Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: Oval

Plating: Gold and Nickel Electroplate

Coloring: Hard Enamel

Packaging: No custom packaging