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Rioters, looters, fires, murdering, protesters, national lockdowns, mandatory wearing of masks, and a virus. Kind of sounds like a bad B List Movie from the 60’s. We have seen more in the last few months than most of us will ever see in our lifetime.

And just when you thought this movie could not become anymore twisted, San Quentin has become the epicenter for chaos. With inmates testing positive right and left, and more staff testing positive than any other institution in the state. However, San Quentin has taken this negative situation and, along with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, staff have been dispatched from every institution to give aid to California’s very first prison.

These are the fine men and women of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation taking care of their own. And to that, Custom Pins and Buckles salutes you for being the finest correctional staff in the United States of America. Hell, IN THE WORLD.

As history is being made, we are working on a Commemorative Challenge Coin dedicated to all the staff that have responded to San Quentin’s need. We will be offering this coin at a very special rate and hope that we will be able to make sure that everyone is given a chance to own a piece of this history-making event. More information to come soon.

We hope that you are all wearing the Full Fitting Neoprene Washable One-Way Filtered Masks that CCPOA and CCSO sent out to all members. We worked hard with both unions to come together and make sure that EVERY staff member was safe.

This will end, and I am sure that the year 2020 will be in our future story telling for generations to come. For some, it will be a year they never wish to speak of again as lives of loved ones were lost, while for others it will be a time like no other they have seen and will be a part of their story forever. However, for all of us, it will go down as the year we wish time would have just skipped.

PLEASE: Remain safe and do what you need to stay that way. We care about each one of you. You are in our hearts and prayers every night. And please say a little prayer for the staff of San Quentin.


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Paul “Doc” Nigh, CEO

Chief Executive Officer

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MARCH 2020

To our faithful customers and their families,

With news media overwhelmed by updates of the Coronavirus, we here at Custom Pins and Buckles are doing everything we can to provide the cleanest and most sanitary environment for our staff and products we ship. And we will continue to observe these steps for years to come.

We are continually monitoring the advice of the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Our primary focus is to continue to serve you, while prioritizing the health, and the safety of our team and customers.

Custom Pins and Buckles will remain open during these unprecedented times. All our factories have been cleared to reopen. However, many of them are operating with limited staff as some of the employees have been stuck in their home cities since the time of the quarantine and have not been able to return to their factories.

We have reached out to another manufacturing company of equal quality and pricing and have created a partnership with them to help meet deadlines on rush orders.

You will still be receiving the finest in workmanship that you have come to know and love from us over the past 31 years. On your end, you may not even notice the difference.


• Can you get Coronavirus from receiving a package from China?

No. U.S. Health Officials have stated that there’s no evidence to support the transmission of the Coronavirus through imported goods. Like the AID’s virus it cannot survive long outside of a host.

American’s are the strongest people in the world. Like in the past, this too will pass. Until then, we would like to advise you that the best treatment for avoiding this virus is washing your hands with soap and warm water, not touching your face or shaking other people’s hands. According to Dr. Oz, that is 50% of how to not obtain this virus. The rest is common sense sanitary practices that we should do every day.

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Retired CDCR/KCSO Sergeant Paul “Doc” Nigh, CEO

Custom Pins and Buckles

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