7th in
CDC Old School
Challenge Coin Series -

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This CDC challenge coin is #7 in a series with unique cut-out design with a floating badge in the center. Check out the rest of the series HERE!


Once we finish collecting pre-orders on April 26th, we will start production on all orders.

We do this to get you the best price by starting production as a bulk order. It takes a little longer to receive the challenge coin than a standard order, but gets you the best value.

Expect delivery of your CDC Old School Challenge Coin #7 by USPS Mail end of June 2020. We will send tracking info once the lapel pin is in the mail to you.


Join the Challenge Coin Tradition with the CDC Old School Challenge Coin - The Gladiator.

Challenge Coins are traditionally used as tokens of good fortune, to show solidarity within an organization, handed out to individuals as awards, or purchased in bulk to commemorate special occasions or fundraisers.

The CDC Old School Challenge Coin - The Gladiator has a cut-out design with a floating badge in the center of the coin.


  • California Department of Corrections with Old School Guard around the Great Seal of the State of California.


  • The Gladiator surrounded by "100% Guard" and "200% Badass" with outer ring showing, "We can't fix stupid. However, we can cuff it."

Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: 1.75” in Diameter, 3mm Thickness

Plating: Gold

Coloring: Hard Enamel

Packaging: Protective Plastic Sleeve

This is COIN #7 in the OLD SCHOOL series of Challenge Coins.

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