Rock-N-Roll "The CDC Way" Lapel Pin

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This is the matching lapel pin to the medallion sized Rock-N-Roll Challenge Coin.

Wear it proudly or put it on your duty pack.

This larger-than-average pin size (2.5 inches x 2 inches) was inspired by the feeling of the Old School CDC way of life.

The eagle represents the power and pride of the department.

The badge and tower are symbols of the trade.

The guitar and the banners say the rest.

We all know that when an alarm goes off, it's time to "ROCK AND ROLL - THE CDC WAY."

Check out the head of the guitar to see another tower and the letters CDC. 

Height: 2.5"

Width: 2"

Plating: Gold

Coloring: Hard Enamel

Attachment: Double Butterfly Clutch Pin Backs

Material: Brass